A Step of Faith


I am finally doing it!!!!!!

Launching this blog is something I have put off for way too long. Let me give you a little backstory: somewhere in these internet streets, there still exist 2 blogs where I used to write with some semblance of frequency at one point in my life. The first blog is essentially the melodrama of my teenage years, containing mostly ramblings interspersed with a few insightful and profound posts of which I am still proud.

The second blog is a chronicle of my semester abroad in Marseille, France, while I was in undergrad. I loved sharing on that blog because I was aware that people actually cared what I thought and were interested in what I had to say. I had friends from back home reading and asking me questions about my experience and other students in France (including the local students!) following my journey too. I remember how I would go to places and once I introduced myself to people, they immediately said “Oh you’re the girl with the blog.”

Fast forward to years later and I struggled to get back to writing again because of fear, really. Fear that there is no place for me here. Fear that I don’t have anything new or different to contribute. Fear that I don’t have any ONE niche to focus my writings. But this summer, I finally put those fears aside and decided to do this! The doubts and fears kept creeping back in but with the words of brilliant mentors ringing in my ears and the support of wonderful friends and family, A Mosaic Life is finally here. I am finally here.

I still have these fears but it’s okay. I am choosing to take a step of faith. Even though I have no idea if I’ll have interesting things to talk about, or if anyone will read this or even care. I choose to have faith in my voice, and it’s unique power to share my unique perspective and, seemingly mismatched, journey.


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