“Damages are Real”


Me: I think something is broken and I tried my best to gather the pieces but I lost a piece along the way.”

SWF: Why do we think we need to be whole?

And this is what I can’t stop thinking about. Who told me that I needed to be whole/perfectly put-together? That’s a question that would take a while to fully unpack.

But as one of the most brilliant people I know said:

“We are all just broken and imperfect individuals doing the best we can.”


This is the lesson I am choosing to carry with me.

I have spent too much time trying to present an image of what I think “wholeness” looks like and even more time contemplating all the ways that I am irrevocably broken and damaged beyond repair. Now, I’m choosing to spend time doing the best I can. Yes, damages are real but so too is healing.

I’m thankful for the life-affirming conversation with two beautiful souls who chose to be vulnerable and reminded me that I don’t need to be “whole.” My journey is still ongoing; I am creating and collecting new pieces along the way and melding them together into a unique image.

Because after all, that is exactly what a mosaic is.

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